The Club

St George FC is a club steeped in history and tradition having earned its place in Australian football history.

A Pioneering and Innovative Spirit

Formed in 1957 as Budapest SC, changing its name to St George Budapest in 1965. Since 2007, after nominal changes, it has been known as St George FC.

Since its establishment, St George FC has thrived on a pioneering and innovative spirit particularly in the early part of its existence.

In over sixty five years of history, St George FC has experienced some great triumphs and lows, and at some points its existence has been threatened. However, because of the affection that the name St George generates, and its contribution to, and significance within Australian football, it has always found a way to recover.

The Mission

In 2021, under the direction of the Chairman and Board, the Club set out to begin the process of restoring St George Football Club as a reference point of football excellence and management.

This consists of creating an environment where we can Attract – Inspire – Promote football talents who have ambition and motivation. We achieve this by working with the best in the field to provide them with opportunities and supporting their development.

We respect and build on our Iconic history, creating a Performance Culture of High Standards & Excellence that aims to establish us among Australia’s top teams.

The Mission's FOundation

The foundation of this is the Academy and will put the training of potential talents at the top of the club’s list of priorities. With the redevelopment of St George stadium at Barton Park providing modern facilities necessary to carry out the daily work, St George FC is convinced that an ambitious training policy is a fundamental requirement for sporting success. This is achieved by investing in and reinforcing the coaching teams with elite specialists.

A management model is being adopted to provide the club with the organisational stability to allow the necessary investment to deliver the club’s sporting objectives and sustainability.

St George FC is committed more than ever to educating the next generation of players, instilling in them the values of the our club and, in doing so, securing our future.

Our Values

Five principal values define us and are held in high regard to support a high performance culture on and off the field.


All people are treated with respect regardless of their background or position.


Begins and ends with the individual.


Being transparent and taking ownership for behaviour, decisions and actions.


Thorough selflessness, support, care and collaboration across the club.


By showing strength, perseverance and self-discipline to meet challenges.

Our Strategic Aims

Connect our Past-Present-Future.
On & Off field Success.
Organisational Stability & Sustainability.
Facilities and Community Connection.

“It’s knowing more about the Club in order to be aware of the responsibility of being part of a sporting institution in Australia.”

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